Design, Make and Share

Design small gadgets with creativity and passion.
Make DIY-kits in an innovative way of fabrication.
Share original ideas in fun & joy.


We are FlexLab

We define ourselves as makers. The team is composed of a group of enthusiastic young people. We love technology and are also dedicated to smart hardware development. What do we devote to? Of course, 'Design, Make and Share'. Our story began in early 2013. One day we had an idea to make mini copter Flexbot with 3D printing, a small one, like the size of a small notebook. It was a great idea, which was loved by many people. That was where we started.

We are still doing the same thing, developing our previous products and perfecting them. And now, we are doing more: exploring personalized & digital fabrication, making creative gadgets and opening up community. How do the three elements connect with each other? Our team loves making and designing some small gadgets, which are suitable for personalized and digital fabrication. You can come and join this process. You can design part of our products and then share those ideas as well as designs in the community where more ideas will be incubated by great minds in the community.

Currently we have two major products, the 3D printed mini copter Flexbot and an electric vehicle dev kit FlexPV. With the popularity of 3D printing and personalized products, we believe that those two products would have great potentials in the near future.

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